Thursday, September 13, 2012

Haunted Acres- New England’s Most Terrifying and Exciting Haunted Attraction!

Starting October 5th, let the screams begin!!!

Haunted Acres opens with 5 Terrifying attractions to scare you witless!!

Dare to survive the Quarter Mile Nightmare Walk, the Graveyard of the Damned, the Maze from Hell, 3-D Nuclear Accident House, and Cell Block 13.

Your hair may just go white with fright!!!

Located in Candia New Hampshire, only an hours drive from Boston, you don't want to miss the fun.

Open every weekend throughout October including All Hallows Eve and Halloween.


stlavonlady said...

I work for HauntWorld in St. Louis. Haunted Acres advertises on out Haunt directory. An awesome haunted house!! This is my busy..busy time of year. lol Love it!!

Enjoy your day! Julie from Stlavonlady – Scatterbrained In St. Louis

kailani said...

I'm such a chicken when it comes to spooky things like this. However, my kids loved it! The scarier the better!