Monday, December 9, 2013

Enjoying Alone Time With Hubby On A Date Night. #KYdatenight #cbias #ad

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This past September, Ben and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary.  It is hard to believe that we have been together for 14 years now, and married for 10.  We are not old enough!!

Ben works part time at UPS in the morning, and he also works 40+ hours at a hospital.  I don't have set hours per se with work, but I do have deadlines and trips that take up a lot of time.  Plus with the two kids, I need to squeeze in work when ever I can.  

For the last couple weeks Ben has been working a lot more.  The shifts I really don't like are the overnight shifts.  When he works those, he sleeps during the day.  We are lucky if we get to spend 10 minutes together!!

When Ben has a day off (far and few between,) we try to spend some quality time together.  We were lucky that the last night he had off, my sister watched the boys so we really could be alone together.  

We started our date night by ordering a pizza.  Yes I know not very romantic, but it is something we both like, and it did not involve having to cook!!

Then as in true married couple fashion, we fought over what to watch for a movie.  I wanted something romantic and funny, Ben wanted something with blood and guts.  Also in true married couple fashion, I won!!

We watched The Wedding Singer.  Ben couldn't complain because it is a funny movie with a terrific soundtrack!!

We made the night even more special by doing something we never get to do.  We stayed in bed!!  Even when one of us is sick, we are still up and about doing things.  That's what parents do.  For one night (hopefully this will happen again,) we got to be lazy!!

Of course there are other things we did.  Lets just say it involves cuddling!!  The cuddling was made even better thanks to KY Yours+Mine Couples Lubricants that you can purchase at Walmart.   KY Jelly is a terrific product that we have used for years.  I love the fact that they are always coming out with new and creative products and have fun advertising campaigns!!

Right now, they are offering a terrific campaign, where if you buy the KY Yours+Mine Couples Lubricants, you also get dinner and a movie!

KY has partnered with Vudu, and Plated to bring you this great promotion.  

It's really easy to sign up for both, and now I have a second date night to look forward too!!

Do you have a date night planned??  Have you thought about what you will eat, what you will watch, or what activities you will do??  I would love to hear your ideas, so I can start planning my next one!!

Now if only I could find a babysitter!!! 

 **I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser.**

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Rita O'Neal said...

I'm so glad you and your husband got to spend some much needed time together. Hope you can do it more often (and get a babysitter). #client

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