Monday, November 21, 2011

I Really Hate To Beg...... But.......

OK, here's the deal.  I am extremely close to making it to the next round in the Cheap Sally Contest, and I really, really want to make it!!!

I am going to beg, and beg and beg for the next couple days.  The 2nd round ends on the 28th. 

Please, please, please vote for me daily.  If you vote for me on Black Friday (11/25) and Cyber Monday (11/28) it will count as two votes!!

I will return the favor, if you need votes for anything.  Please comment below, and I will vote for you!!!

Thank you in advance!!!


WarmSunshine said...

Hey good luck! I voted for you and will be doing it often now. Please vote for me too... I'm nominated for Pakistan's Best Diarist blog for 2011!!! You can vote for me by following the following link and rate me 5-stars (just below the title)

Thanks! :)

Africa's Blog said...

Hi!!! I voted for you and made a note to do it daily :)
If you could vote for me daily at
I'd appreciate it!! Hope you are successful in yours!!

katsrus said...

Voted for you and tweeted. Good luck.
Sue B

Connie said...

Happily voted!! Good Luck!!

Tylerpants said...

Voted. Good Luck!

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